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My body, whistleblower: legs

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unusual heat on one leg?

massaging calf / pain/ cramp


Edema, unusual heat on one leg? Your body is a whistleblower and unusual symptoms are worth reporting at your next medical visit.

My body, whistleblower: legs

Normal or not, this small change that we observe in the mirror? While systematic screenings and health check-ups help identify most illnesses, and common sense prompts us to consult without hesitation when faced with the sudden or persistent onset of high fever or pain, it is less obvious to react well in intermediate situations.

Which new symptoms deserve to be reported at the next medical consultation? Our specialists review them.

• Lying on the bed

What I observe: to check the absence of edema around my ankles, at the end of the day, I just have to lie down and take a good look at my legs right after. Also to be examined: the veins, normally discreet.

What the doctor thinks about it: White, soft, painless oedemas on the level of the two legs and which keep the imprint of the finger if you press on it are often of cardiac origin. If so, they are gladly accompanied by the gain of 2-3 kilos per week without changing the diet and unusual shortness of breath. These symptoms really need to be reported to the doctor.

– An edema affecting only one leg, with the path of the vein abnormally visible, evokes a varicose vein (an old varicose vein if the skin is dry, red and itchy). Not to be confused with signs of phlebitis.

– A red, hot, painful patch on a leg evokes erysipelas (infection of the leg) often due to staphylococcus, to be treated quickly with antibiotics.


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– 2) A scale and a notebook to note the evolution of its weight.

– 3) A tape measure to measure her waistline.

– 4) A height gauge to check its size (or a discreet mark on the door of a closet).

– 5) A mirror and a mirror to look at yourself from the front and back.

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