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4 Reasons to Consider Dental Implant

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Dental Implant

Whether you have an extraction because of cavities/gum disease or lost a tooth because of trauma and physical inquiry, you need to replace it.

You might have a lot of options to replace missing teeth, and that includes partial or full dentures, crowns, and bridges. A dental implant is among the most available options to place a missing tooth.

It often features artificial tooth toots placed in the jawbone, creating a permanent and strong structure/foundation for tooth replacement. So, if you are still hesitant whether or not to consider dental implant, the following are reasons to convince you:

1. Much Easier to Practice Good Hygiene

Flossing and brushing can be very frustrating whenever you have a missing tooth, more so if the remaining teeth have started to shift into that gap left behind.

Normally, a crooked tooth is complicated to brush and floss, making it challenging to get rid of all the food particles, which unavoidably get stuck in between. When those food particles remain between the gums and teeth, you will risk getting tooth decay.

Your dental implant will function, look, and feel like a natural tooth. With the help of your Meridian dentist, you can practice good oral hygiene by rinsing with ADA-approved products, flossing between meals, and brushing twice a day.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Although it might seem expensive at first, a dental implant is cost-effective when compared to the lifetime of teeth treatment. Some individuals say that bridges and dentures are more suitable solutions because they have low upfront costs.

However, a dental implant has long-term social and health benefits. It doesn’t have a high maintenance cost, which isn’t seen in dentures. Another thing is that dental implant provides support to the jaw and prevents it from deterioration.

3. More Dependable Than Dentures

Let’s face it – dentures lose over time, making some patients feel a little nervous when laughing or moving their jaws excessively. Having a denture slip out in public isn’t a desirable result as it might result in emotional distress.

A dental implant eliminates the importance of removable dentures as well as resulting inconveniences. Plus, you will not find it necessary anymore to be more concerned about your tooth misplaced or falling.

4. Convenience

Unlike dentures, a dental implant doesn’t need special attention, and you may continue flossing and brushing your teeth as usual. Since it will act like a natural tooth, you won’t find it necessary to make any changes when it comes to your dental hygiene routine.

Most people are also not into the idea of dealing with removable dentures since they don’t like taking dentures out and cleaning them every day at night. Like most people, you wouldn’t want to deal with that aspect too.

Instead of dentures, opt for a dental implant as it works like a natural tooth, allowing you to chew and eat as you used to. Plus, unlike dentures, you will not find it necessary to be keen or avoid certain foods.

Final Remarks

A dental implant feels so natural that you will soon forget that it is even there. Therefore, if you have a missing tooth problem and want to rectify it, then a dental implant is the way to go. It is more convenient, dependable, and cost-effective than dentures.

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