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5 Health Benefits of Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene

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Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene means keeping your gums, teeth, and mouth healthy and clean to avoid diseases. It is a vital self-care routine in your daily life.

However, some people take oral health for granted, resulting in gum disease, tooth decay, and other illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Remember, maintaining healthy gums and teeth through scheduling regular checkups with your dentist, brushing/flossing properly, and snacking only on healthy vibes snacks, and fruits is a lifetime commitment. So, learn proper oral hygiene habits to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Minimize Tooth Sensitivity

If the gum and enamel are healthy and strong, tooth sensitivity will be less likely. Among the key functions of those two tissues is to protect your teeth, preventing external stimuli as well as the action of microorganisms from passing into the pulp where nerves liable for hypersensitivity are based.

2. Have Healthier Gums

The mouth is a very complex microbiome, which contains many bacterial species. This includes healthy bacteria that help digest food and harmful bacteria liable for illness and infection.

Flossing and brushing regularly helps to keep a perfect balance between those species by minimizing harmful bacteria in the mouth and getting rid of particles which feed them.

Neglecting your oral health means harmful bacteria will multiply in the mouth. When that happens, you will develop plaque.

Accumulation of plaque triggers inflammation of the gums, resulting in gum disease. This gum disease causes tooth loss, loose teeth, bleeding, painful gum tenderness, and swelling.

3. Stop Bad Breath

Have you ever offered mint to your significant other or colleague so that you can comfortably talk near them? Harmful bacteria are the major culprit for halitosis or bad breath. If the bacteria aren’t controlled, they may turn into plaque.

Regular cleanings and brushing prevent calculus formation and remove plaque on your teeth. Plus, it is an effective and inexpensive way of getting rid of bacteria and food and making your breath smell fresh.

4. Maintain Your Appearance

Keeping your teeth healthy and clean will help you avoid bad breath. As aforementioned, bad breath is common, and plaque accumulation causes it.

Another common problem that can negatively affect your appearance is teeth staining. This is natural and often comes with wear & tear. It is associated with smoking and drinking lots of red wine, coffee, or tea.

Usually, stained teeth aren’t harmful and have little to no effect on oral health. However, it can make you lose self-confidence.

5. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Bacteria from gum infections and decaying teeth travel through your bloodstream, resulting in increased plaque buildup and inflammation in arteries. However, regular dental checkups, flossing, and regular brushing can help to minimize these risks. This, in turn, improves your cardiovascular health.

The benefits that come with prioritizing dental care and maintaining good oral health go beyond wearing a beautiful smile. It also offers numerous benefits, from improving overall quality of life to preventing severe health complications. By dedicating more time to your oral hygiene, you will invest greatly in your health, which pays dividends for many years ahead.

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