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Is Lip Blushing For You? Here is Everything You Need to Know!

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It’s time to consider lip blushing, or lip embroidery, if you’re fixated on the look that lip tints produce (i.e., a subtle touch of colour that won’t budge). Don’t be alarmed by the name’s connotations; it basically refers to a lip tattoo. This article explains how lip tattooing functions, whether it hurts, and whether it can make your lips appear larger.

What is lip blushing?

Lip blushing, a type of semi-permanent tattoo or cosmetic, is used by those who want to change the colour of their lip border or the lip’s natural texture. The colour in our lips and lip lines often fades as we get older, especially in women. Many women use lip liner to conceal this and make the lips appear somewhat larger due to the loss of colour and lip definition.

A tiny mechanical needle deposits pigment there to construct layers of colour on the lips. According to sources, it can aid with asymmetry and be a corrective procedure to help balance out the tone of the lips.

How long does lip blushing last?

The outcomes differ from person to person, much like a cosmetic procedure like microblading, which involves manually making tiny slits in the skin that are subsequently filled with ink. Lip blushing can typically last several years, though your lifestyle can affect how long it lasts. For example, smoking and sun exposure can hasten the fading process. The pigment may also fade more quickly if you have an iron deficiency, are oil-prone, or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skincare routine.

Getting a tattoo on the lips sounds uncomfortable, especially if you’re trying to avoid getting filler injections. It is manageable and can be done with topical anaesthetic.

If you’re unsure of your pain threshold, you can take a painkiller before the consultation. However, aspirin and ibuprofen should be avoided since they might thin the blood and increase sensitivity.

What is the duration of lip blushing?

Like any operation or therapy, upkeep is necessary. The key to a quick healing process is to avoid picking at the scabs on your lips and keep them moist. Patients could require touch-ups every year once the desired outcome has been obtained—essentially the same amount of upkeep as microblading your brows.

Can it give your lips a bigger appearance?

The crucial word here is “look.” Lip flushing gives the impression that the lips are bigger, even if this is not the case. It creates the illusion of being plumper or more defined. It must be considered a temporary kind of cosmetics.

How can you locate an experienced technician?

The major drawback of lip blushing is that, if done incorrectly, it could look false. It is crucial to conduct a thorough study and hire a superb professional.

Ask the appropriate questions while looking for a skilled specialist, and avoid making conclusions based only on social media. Always inquire about their experience with semi-permanent makeup; the longer, the better.

When researching these treatments and maybe finding a technician to work with, Instagram is a terrific resource. However, use care and look at the technician’s body of work, not just one or two photographs.

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